High Intent Marketing

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High Intent Marketing is an integrated marketing services company primarily focused on higher education and financial services sectors. We leverage big data, small data and creative positioning to find customer segments that have the highest probability of conversion. Over the last decade, customer adoption of digital technologies has revolutionized marketing but data overload has caused some marketers to take a myopic, channel-based view of marketing.

High Intent Marketing takes a holistic approach to marketing by combining our clients brand positioning and value proposition with our expertise in creative design with application development tools, user experience, and media buying to deliver high-value customers. High Intent Marketing asks our post-secondary education clients what type of students do you want to attract? We understand that one size does not fit all and a campaign for a selective university will be executed differently from a campaign for an open enrollment university that caters to working adults. The channels, creative, geographic radius and degree programs are vastly different and we create customized campaigns that enable admissions professionals to attract students most likely to enroll and persist. High Intent Marketing combines external 3rd party research/analytics from Nielsen, Compete, and Google in addition to internal proprietary research to develop holistic creative media campaigns and content campaigns. Our media expertise spans direct response television, direct response radio, search engine marketing and search engine optimization.