“Vision without execution is hallucination” Thomas Edison

Painting a picture is bringing the future into the present, so that we can do something about it now. The best way to ensure our future happens is to consciously create it. The vision contained within this document creates a vivid mental image of where PMA Media Group aspires to be by December 31st 2013.


“Why” we do what we do is clear: “We know that by bringing the right people and the right companies together, a relevant and positive experience takes place that drives value for all parties”.

“How” we do what we do is also clear: “We understand and leverage the value of mass media and consumer buying habits in creating, building and scaling both ROI and organizational success”.

Our vision is to be the multi-medium integrated company that is top of mind and the preferred choice of Senior Influencers and Decision Makers in the industries we serve.

Our mission is to help companies connect with their target audience in meaningful and cost effective ways that reduce risk, and win.

Brand presence

Our brand “the triple hexagons” resonates with “Who” we are as well as “Why and How” we do what we do. “The hexagon” is a symbol of balance, union, introspection, and the energetic emblem of complete integration.

The blue hexagon represents our collective wisdom and intelligence, our trustworthiness, and the loyalty we earn from our clients and each other.

The green hexagon embodies our stability and harmony with our mission and values.
The orange hexagon represents our enthusiasm, creativity, and success we create and achieve with all that we do.

“People first, then strategy”

“People and relationships are the driving force of our greatness. Through our collective passion, openness, and expertise we make “it” happen”.

Our peers and clients say that PMA keeps winning by anticipating and leading changes in our marketplaces through our “comprehensive data-driven analysis” and “accountable-to-the-metrics” approach. We do this by attracting “A-level talent” who apply their expertise, knowledge and leadership skills to work. We are the marketing firm of choice for the best talent. We reward performance by sharing the profits and equity of the company.

We are Amazing! Our team members across our organization are the best at their craft. We have created an environment where our talents integrate their life with their work into one big adventure. It is fantastic that PMA team member’s personal goals can be realized through their efforts to achieving the company’s goals as well. Our team is fully committed to being the best in delivering world-class solutions to each of our world-class clients and customers. PMA leaders come from the industries we serve, bringing with them a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding that provides perfect opportunities for learning and development of each our team members- this further illustrates our commitment to our clients by delivering world-class solutions that solve the problems and needs our customer have. PMA is recognized as a best company to work for.

“How” we do what we do

Our customers, vendors and suppliers, employees, and peers define our core-ideologies as being:

  • Customer as the focus- when our customers win, we win
  • Business with integrity, fairness, transparency, and compliant
  • Quality and ROI are standard and consistent
  • Commitment to the common goal
  • Power of trust
  • Be a team and have fun
  • Spirit of winning


“We help our clients grow strategically and build markets”

Our clients say we have inspired a thought provoking dialogue, based on our comprehensive data-driven analysis and metric- driven understanding and experience, to stimulate our collective minds to create greater opportunities and raise performance. Our clients say we truly understand and leverage the value of mass media and consumer buying habits. Our clients say we have raised their personal and organizations success.

Customer service

Our clients understand our promise and appreciate the added-value we bring to them and their business. As a result, PMA is very clear on what value to put on the projects we deliver. We generate our revenues from arbitrage, commissions and performance incentives. PMA has become “a best company to work with”.


“If it does not have a number, it does not count”

PMA is an independently owned company of over 100 of the best minds. Our client mix spans multiple industries from Education, Financial Services, Online Dating, Retail and Shopping, etc. We are clearly a trend-setting company as 50% of our clients work with multiple PMA Business Units. Our strategic selling and account management competencies give us a clear view on our customer projects and revenues on January 1st every year. We are consistent in our ability to deliver value-focused solutions to our clients which affords us their trust and continuing business relationship.

We add focused value and our reward is profit. We have always run profitably. Profits finance our growth and give us our freedom… of choice… to take risks… to give back.


PMA is a strong, positive-thinking and future-oriented organization. Our friendly, passionate and outgoing team members project a self-confident yet solution-oriented and customer-focused image. Our tone of voice is precise and elegant with a pinch of humor.page3image2112


“With one voice, PMA leads the conversation”

PMA, and each of our business units, are at the forefront of conversations and dialogue occurring within the industries we serve. The media has taken notice and has begun publishing articles on the value-focus PMA brings to our clients. They frequently seek us for interviews to uncover the secret sauce to our successes and seek to better understand why our team members love their work and PMA’s culture.


“PMA delivers consistent quality across all industries we serve”

While leaving space for personal creativity and innovation, PMA defines and implements processes and systems to benefit from optimal resource allocation, facilitate the exchange of talent across all Business Units, and increase operational efficiencies through dynamic and relevant sharing of data points and information which drives the increased value we deliver to our clients.


PMA is a force for good in each of the industries we serve. PMA team members are sought after to speak or chair panels related to our work, and we consistently contribute to improving the awareness and fore-thought required to strategically grow each industry.


PMA sets the standard for what a sustainable business looks, feels, and acts like. Through our value-focused approach, our clients stand ready to provide us with growth opportunities as well as referrals because of our ability to consistently deliver the value each business needs to sustain and scale. Our A-level team members recognize that our expertise is the value we provide and we are sustainable as we continue to attract and retain top talent that is capable of giving back to our clients and community.

Brand filter

PMA is successful because everything we do passes our brand filter:

  • People and relationships
  • Produces personal and organizational results
  • Grow strategically
  • The customer acquisition industry
  • Thought leadership
  • Fun

The director allows an actor to become more than they’ve ever dreamed of being” Robert Altman’s lifetime achievement Oscar acceptance speech