Renevati is one of the fastest-growing companies in the dynamic education space. Renevati specializes in lead generation solutions for colleges, universities, and career schools. Our services, which include Internet marketing, search marketing, and telemarketing provide a seamless turnkey approach, helping schools find and enroll the best students, while they also cover other basis, like the quality of education and the security of the company’s worker, in case of accident or injury, this with the use of a New York personal injury attorney which is expert at this.

Renevati has evolved into one of the industry’s authority on media integration strategies, lead acquisition, and prospect conversion. Our mission is to drive profitable growth for each institution we work with. Renevati currently specializes in lead generation solutions for over 600 educational institutions. We strive to work closely with each institution to develop the most profitable campaigns ensuring that we find and enroll students in the most cost-efficient manner.

For prospective students who are planning their future, we provide a seamless online process in finding the school that best fits their needs. Our service also provides a college advisor for those students who need more in-depth help in finding the best school or location. We understand what a difficult experience this can be with so many options and so much information. Helping a student early in the discovery process gives them the best chance to find a lasting-choice. This benefits each school in maximizing their retention.