PMA Media Group is one of the most trusted email marketing companies in the industry. PMA Media Group benefits advertisers and consumers by delivering ads that are relevant to its intended base. We do this by utilizing our proprietary-technology across numerous advertising channels. In addition we provide full-service solutions to publishers who are working to monetize their customer base. We can do through this through many channels including: list owners, ISP, social networks, and affiliate networks.

We are 100% can-spam compliant and have developed relationships with all the major ISPs. We do all the work behind the scenes with each of the ISPs including; feedback loops, ISP deliverability, bandwidth issues, and bounce management so that you will have the best chance of experiencing inbox-delivery. This gives us an edge over our competitors who are unable to maintain that level of deliverability.

Our goal is to help marketers and advertisers reach their targeted markets through an automated process that is virtually hassle-free. We provide a hosted email-marketing tool that allows scalability and flexibility. We provide everything marketers need to create, track, and send the most powerful campaigns. This allows our clients to reach specific demographic segments and achieve the highest return on their marketing campaigns.