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Using IMEEM to Social Network in Business

May 21st, 2009 by Brandon Buttars
IMEEM Profile

I am a big IMEEM fan and I know there are tons of different music social networks out there that can be used, but I just like the way that IMEEM is. I was doing some searching through IMEEM for a good playlist and the first one I ran into was one put together by a user by the name of kiasoul. I went to the playlist and as you would expect, it was a playlist put together by Kia promoting their new Kia Soul vehicle. Genius I thought. I know I may be a little slow because everyone else probably already thought to do this, but I thought I would jump on the same band wagon and let people that hadn’t thought to do it see how I did it.

I am in charge of the organic and social media here at PMA Media Group and one of our big assets we’re trying to promote is My Colleges and Careers which focuses on online education and non-traditional continuing education. Well the demographics don’t get anymore perfect than IMEEM. So I thought I would write an article about what I did.

Marketing With IMEEM Process

1. Create Profile

Create an account and fill out all the necessary information. I tried to keep it as close to the company name or website as possible since I’ll be promoting the company and/or website through the account.

Modify IMEEM Colors

2. Modify Profile Theme

Next I started modifying the theme to work for what I was doing. I actually had a color palette I was working with so it made this quick and easy. There are quite a few free ones that you may want to just modify. I took the default one. Just edit the current theme and modify it how you would like it to look.

Next add background images and a banner image with your web address and any company branding that can help people start to recognize you. My banner image was 900 pixels wide and around 150 pixels tall.

4. Modify Profile Layout

Then I went in and made sure all of my layout elements were the way that I wanted them. IMEEM has a blog within it so I wanted to make sure that I had my blog posts listed there. There’s also a blogroll within the IMEEM blog where you can link out to other sites.

5. Create Playlists

Now it’s time to name some playlists. I tried to create some targeted playlists for specific activities that relate to college life and school in general. You just want to try and personalize these playlists to your market.

Add Image to Playlist

6. Search for Related Songs and Add to Playlists

Next comes the songs. I decided to first search for songs. Use the search box up top on IMEEM and choose from the dropdown, “music”. You can also search by other options but I was more interested in specific topics. Then when the results come up, click on the title of the song you would like to listen to. When the song comes up there will be a link below the player that says “Playlist”. Click on that then there will be a dropdown to select which playlist to add the song to. “Repeat and rinse” until you are satisfied with your playlists.

7. Make Comments

At the bottom of all the songs or whatever songs you prefer, leave a comment about the song. You should also rate each song to help the songs get popularity and recommend them. As people see your comments, there will be a link back to your profile.

8. Make Friends

Make friends with other IMEEM users. As you update Playlists, create blog post, and through various other IMEEM community activities, your friends will get notified. Friends will tell their friends, and like other social networking strategies, if you have more friends you will have a higher chance of getting traffic coming to your site and you will also have friendships to leverage in the future as you need to.

Site Badges

9. Place Badge Link on Site

The last thing that I recommend you do, is to create an IMEEM badge that you can place on your site(s) that will link directly to your profile. This will potentially get Google and other search engines crawling your IMEEM profile, but also potentially it will help keep your visitors to your site close to you. Badges are an ideal way to let people know what networks you are involved in and to build a relationship with you in a different way. To see a live example of the badge we create go and visit the My Colleges and Careers Blog.


I hope a few of you have benefited from this article. Please let me know how things work out for you. Please leave any feedback you have or even suggestions that could help readers in the comments area of this blog post.

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