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10 Habits That Help Job Security

April 23rd, 2009 by Brandon Buttars

I wrote an article titled “Gaining Control of Job Security” the other day and thought I would trim the fat and get straight to the points of that post. These are some habits and things that my employers have expressed to me throughout the years and things that I have learned about job security. Feel free to comment and add to the list in the comments.

10 Habits That Help Job Security

  1. Always be willing to learn.
  2. Stand out.
  3. Continue your education.
  4. Be trustworthy.
  5. Be positive.
  6. Show gratitude.
  7. Make suggestions and contribute.
  8. Know your value.
  9. Stand up for yourself.
  10. Give a crap.

Always be willing to learn.

If you can present yourself as a problem solver and that you have not become the old dog that will not learn new tricks, you immediately increase your value. You must deliver though. People that are willing to learn will often times open up new opportunities for themselves.

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Stand out.

If you participate in the meetings and seem involved in the company and that you are a part of the company they will see your value to the company. This can be looked at as a brown noser but the people calling your a brown noser are going to be some of the first employees to go most likely.

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Continue your education.

You can always be learning new things that are not even a part of your current position. This may involve enrolling in online certificate training, completing your online bachelors or masters degree, or just even going through online tutorials.

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Be trustworthy.

This brings me back to the scout oath of being trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, blah blah blah. If you can be trusted along with all of the other things mentioned, your employer will trust you with new positions and new opportunities and feel you are a valuable asset to the company.

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Be positive.

Always be positive. A positive attitude will rub off as much as a negative attitude does. Create a positive environment and try to enjoy your job and others will talk about you and want to work with you. Employers are always looking for employees that play nice with one another and work well in team environments. When you are positive you present yourself very well.

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Show gratitude.

People love hearing thank you. It makes them feel valued and also that what they do matters to you. When you present yourself as a grateful employee you often times will find yourself respecting your position and the time that you work in that position. You will find yourself working more effectively because you will make better use of your time.

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Make suggestions and contribute.

Anyone that can help the company improve their process will find themselves rewarded for their contributions. If they are not, then I would reevaluate your job and position. Suggest things that will make your job easier so you can perform better and look better.

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Know your value.

You need to know your value. If you don’t understand what you bring to the table then it will be hard for you to convince your employer that they should keep you.

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Stand up for yourself.

If you don’t stand up for yourself, you may not find anyone else standing up for you. When it’s time to lay off or downsize it’s everyone for themselves. Don’t talk negatively about others, but speak positively about yourself.

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Give a crap.

My grandpa always said, “You can’t pay someone to give a crap.” He used other words but you can imagine. It’s hard to find someone who truly cares about their position. They are a diamond in the rough. If you can get involved in your position and show that you truly do care about your position, your employer will see. If you do many of the above mentioned things, you will find that you give a crap about your position.

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What other things would you add to the list?

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